Salon 94

Flag, 2017

Takeshi Murata

​For the Salon 94 video wall, Takeshi Murata presents this new work about co-opting symbols for disinformation. Its visual inspiration includes the marquee at Trump's Taj Mahal casino, freedom pins on politicians lapels, and flag burning. Among many recent events, Donald Trump's labeling of CNN as "fake news" points to a very concerning aspect of the new administration: their manipulation of information. In one move he has the ability to delegitimize a real news story - the president and president elect's briefing on Russian hacking and potential blackmail - while simultaneously obscuring the serious problem of the fake news that circulated through Facebook during the election.

This manipulation largely affects the act of protest, as already, in the early day of his presidency, protests have become the norm. Trump has responded by bragging about the huge numbers of attendees at his inauguration, conflating supporters and protestors into one mass. In this way, the video begins to address the dismantling of dissent.

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January 13, 2017–February 22, 2017

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